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BirdStike - HailStrike

Foreign Object Damage

Taylor tests - Rain Erosion

Using state of the art dynamic measurement equipment, gas guns, Hopkinson Bars, customised to your requirements


Based in the UK with over 70 years of experience


When it comes to gas guns we are leaders in our field.  We have designed and manufactured light and heavy gas guns for our own testing services and specifically for customers including:

  • 8" 18m 250m/s

  • 50mm vacume chamber 1200m/s

  • 7.62mm Calibre guns with rapidly spinning barrels to enable very accurate flight orientation.

  • 220mm calibre 16 ton monsters yet with the repeat-ability of a Swiss watch and a capability of hitting a single fan blade rotating at 8500rpm.


Natural Impacts has a wealth of experience in building compression, tension, and torsion Hopkinson bars. We have built massive 75mm bars to test concrete, direct impact bars for testing explosives, extremely long bars for composites and miniature bars for ultra-high strain rates.

We have manufactured the worlds first plug and play tabletop split Hopkinson Bar.  We have refined the design and technical specifications to enable the user to easily complete a high number of tests using our custom designed electronic instrumentation.  Designed to characterise the dynamic behavior of materials to strain rates of 3,000/s at temperatures up to 500⁰C



We can provide a range of instrumentation to support and enhance the capabilities to enhance our product line.  These include:

  • computer controlled firing unit for gas guns

  • Optical velocity meter with digital readout and RS232 connectivity

  • Trigger pulse conditioning and distribution system for high speed camera and other data acquisition units

  • High speed strain gauge amplifiers 

  • Logic level adaptors and calibrators 


Farnborough GU14 0LX, United Kingdom

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PH: +44 (0)1252 394244

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