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The foundation of our product manufacturing and design capabilities is built upon our core team of expert engineers and scientists which have over 70 years of experience. Combined with our extensive workshop facilities we are able to  produce equipment to the highest standards to meet your specific requirements.  

Soldering circuit board


We have designed and build a wide range of gas guns including:

  • 7.62mm caliber gun with high speed rotating barrel to enable accurate flight orientation 

  • 220mm caliber 16t gun with precision trigger and timings systems to deliver accurate shot positioning on a moving target e.g. High-speed jet engine fan blades

  • 120mm caliber keyed and evacuated barrel capable of launching 0.5kg projectiles in a defined orientation to speeds in excess of Mach 2


We have a wealth of experience in building compression tension and torsion Hopkinson bars.  This includes

  • Large scale 75mm Diameter Bars for testing concrete

  • Direct impact bars for testing explosives

  • Long bars for testing composites

  • Miniature bars for ultra-high strain rates



Fully Automated table top bar for high strain rate​ to 3000/s with temperature controlled tests of 500⁰Cto minus 150C.


We can provide a range of instrumentation to support and enhance the capabilities to enhance our product line.  These include:

  • computer controlled firing unit for gas guns

  • Optical velocity meter with digital readout and RS232 connectivity

  • Trigger pulse conditioning and distribution system for high-speed camera and other data acquisition units

  • High-speed strain gauge amplifiers 

  • Logic level adaptors and calibrators 

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